Located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, Siteworks produced a project inspired by the company’s values of sustainability, beauty, and nature. Coordinating the pop-up entirely in advance, all retail fixturing, wall surfaces, and accents were designed ahead of time and later fabricated from materials deliberately salvaged from the New York City waste stream. 

Everything from the biggest retail features to the tiniest details was driven by the Nau true to heart” ethos. Recycled cardboard was used for temporary furnishings, foraged wood and piping for clothing racks and fixtures, and salvaged machine parts to tie all of these assemblies together. 

At the completion of the pop-up’s run, most of the fixtures created for Here & Nau found their way out of the waste stream as celebrated pieces with permanent homes.

“The pop-up embodies all Nau stands for…”

Por Homme

“It was performance piece, or short film made up of social interaction, design process, activism, and the luck that comes with that brew.”

Jean-Pierre Veillet