The outside of a building with a person on the balcony

One of the first contemporary Portland projects to employ deliberately programmed exterior egress balconies and ample operable glazing to maximize every unit’s access to natural light and fresh air. 

The typical multi-family formula was given a fresh approach while creating an economic construction methodology. A large photo-voltaic array and solar thermal water heating system work to offset the building’s energy use, and screens on display in the lobby share real-time energy use. The idea that information can create extra incentive for individual environmental responsibility was tested and proven, making ecoFLATS an early example of long-standing success.

A person walking in an outdoor walkway of a building
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“With EcoFlats, JP Veillet & his team decided to be a part of the solution’ by balancing simplicity, sophistication, and sustainability, not to mention the difficult balance of achieving commercial success with a progressive approach.”

James Curleigh, CEO Gibson Guitars

“With ecoFLATS, Siteworks really locked into the things that make a building not only groundbreaking, but also approachable and practical. The team embraced outstanding efficiency goals from the get go, making it easier to identify and overcome design challenges. They also focused on the details and balanced advanced technologies with low- and no-tech solutions, which is critical to controlling project costs. Finally, they involved the community to leverage existing resources and build awareness of energy efficiency and sustainability. The result is a new, affordable model for sustainable living — one that we believe can be as marketable as it is innovative.”

Jessica Rose, Program Manager, Energy Trust of Oregon New Buildings