Defining the Project & Possibilities

Siteworks begins every job by bringing clarity to project needs. Understanding aesthetics, environment, emotion, impact, sustainability, tectonics, and budget are just as integral to the success of the project as the space’s basic functionality. We believe that open and candid communication is integral to this process and our trained ears help bring everyone’s ideas to life. 


Concept Development

Giving shape to the DNA

Once the project needs have been defined, we use our collective expertise to develop solutions through informed and focused design thinking. Siteworks endeavors to explore all opportunities in order to maximize creative solutions to both simple and complex problems. We share these insights with clients through visual and verbal communication methods which help bring life to the project in its early stages.



Bringing every detail of design up to code

Siteworks’ extensive experience in countless and varied projects allows us to nimbly navigate the various complex steps in any permit submittal. We refine design ideas from Programming and Concept Development with the discipline of local, state, and federal code requirements as our architects and consultants develop a comprehensive set of permit documents. These documents are submitted to the proper municipalities, producing all permits required to move forward. 


Design/​Development Pricing

Defining project specifications and costs

As a design-build company, it is intrinsic to our operation that the design and construction teams work together as the early design concepts come to fruition. We source fixtures, develop specific color palettes, and vet finish materials that will define the experience, as well as costs for the project. Our internal communication and breadth of historical data gives us the expertise needed to produce a cohesive product that is designed to meet and exceed the project’s vision, budget, and timeline.


Construction Documentation

A design is only as good as the documents that bring it to life

At Siteworks, the creation of Construction Documents is the culmination of a design process that has touched regulatory bodies and responded to cost discussions. Updated budget considerations are merged with Permitting and Design Development information for a comprehensive vision of what is desired versus what is feasible. Our team’s collective knowledge of building well-crafted structures allows us to create Construction Documents with the necessary information to complete the project. 



Bringing the design to life

Our goal is to build the best project, the right way, the first time, forever. The design-build project delivery system that Siteworks has fine-tuned over the years lets us do that smoothly and efficiently, for both our design team, as well as other architects. Our construction teams are part of all the previous process stages, making sure the creative design efforts are paired with considerations of constructability, budget, and schedule. Once underway, Siteworks’ project managers, superintendents, and field staff deliver a high level of detail-oriented, organized oversight. We build affordable, sustainable, well-crafted environments on time and on budget while striving to foster and maintain the best possible client relationship.