The deepest conviction produces the highest quality buildings.

Exterior of a blue and white building at dusk

Pine Street Market


“With ecoFLATS, JP Veillet & his team decided to be a part of the solution’ by balancing simplicity, sophistication, and sustainability, not to mention the difficult balance of achieving commercial success with a progressive approach.”

James Curleigh, CEO Gibson Guitars

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The outside of a building with a person on the balcony



MadAve Building / Altsource HQ

Adaptive Reuse

Exterior of a building with floor to ceiling windows

World of Speed Museum


Hopworks Urban Brewery

Restaurants & Breweries

“The Siteworks team not only fully captured our vision for the music school, but they also held themselves to an incredibly high standard, producing the greatest quality of work we could envision for this project.”

Dave and Sally Bany, Co-Founders Youth Music Project

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Coffee Warehouse

Adaptive Reuse

Lizard Lounge


interior walkway of a grey and orange building

The Bridgetown


Southpark Seafood

Restaurants & Breweries

“Our outstanding partners Jean-Pierre Veillet and Siteworks helped us design and build the Lizard Lounge retail experiment in Portland and what became a famous pop-up project in New York City that was hailed by The New York Times.””

Gordon Seabury CEO, Lizard Lounge, and Horny Toad, then-CEO Nau

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We’re idea-makers capable of handling a project from the very first spark of creativity to the very last nail.